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Unleash the power of AI in Arbitrage Trading With Us!

Welcome to our website! We specialize in AI bot arbitrage trading, leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize trading strategies and maximize returns. With our cutting-edge technology and expert team, we provide efficient and profitable trading solutions.

100% Customers Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction- Efficient AI-driven arbitrage trading for maximized profits and customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

We prioritize quality assurance by comprehensive analytics & customisable trading strategies through AI.

Our advanced algorithmic system leverages real-time market data and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to identify lucrative arbitrage opportunities across multiple trading platforms. With lightning-fast execution and automated risk management protocols, our AI bot ensures optimal trade execution, minimizing slippage and maximizing profits. We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing a user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, and customizable trading strategies to cater to individual preferences.


Excellence in AI Trading Strategy Execution: Your Trusted Partner for Success

We are a platform dedicated to delivering excellence in service and execution for AI trading strategies. Our goal is to provide an exceptional trading experience, driven by a passion for innovation and attention to detail. We prioritize client success, ensuring flawless execution of AI-driven trading strategies and a seamless user experience. With optimized algorithms and a commitment to staying ahead of market trends, we aim to be your trusted partner in achieving financial goals through AI-powered trading. Choose us for unparalleled service and a relentless pursuit of perfection in AI trading strategy execution.

Robotic Automation

Robotic automation empowers AI arbitrage trading,

enabling efficient execution and capitalizing on market inefficiencies with precision.

Machine learning

Machine learning revolutionizes AI arbitrage trading,

leveraging data patterns to identify profitable opportunities, optimize strategies, and deliver consistent returns in dynamic markets.

AI Trading & Strategy

Our Automated AI bot Uses various strategies to insure profits on your investment.

Most profitable Some of them are Statistical Arbitrage model, Pair Trading , Triangular Arbitrage, Momentum Trading, Statical Pattern Recognition & most importantly Volatility Arbitrage.

Predictive Analysis

For predictive Analysis- Through predictive analysis,

AI bots can assess various indicators, such as …price trends, volatility, volume, news sentiment, and market correlations. By leveraging this information, the bots aim to predict the direction and magnitude of price movements, allowing them to execute trades with higher probabilities of profitability.


Get Closer Look How Business Develop in AI Data Analysis

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Token Name


Token Symbol


Token Supply


Initial Price


Token Platform

BSC Chain



Distribution of tokens

Pillers of BITAI Platform

OUR Roadmap

BITAI Strategy and
Project Plan

Mid of Q4 2021

Concept initialisation

BITAI Concept initialisation AI Algorithms Proof of indexing
Start 2022 Q1


Introduction of new AI models Enhancing algorithms. Basic Platform Building
Mid of Q3 2022

Platform beta test

Platform enhancements Data Structure AI bot optimization
End of Q4 2022

Integration of trading programs

Attaching Codes to AI models Data traffic insights and reporting
Start of Q1 2023

Applying strategies

Implementation of advanced risk management Finalise research for AI Model Arbitrage trading strategies
Mid of Q2 2023

Launching Preparations

Web3 Platform Integration Integration of trading features for community Implementation of advanced portfolio management tools
Starting of Q3 2023


Launching of BITAI Platfrom Making functional of Ai trading bot
End of Q4 2023


Preparing system for halving Enhancement of AI bot customization
for trading
Mid of Q2 2024

BITAI coin listing

Listing BITAI on Exchange Collaboration with external research
institutions for further
AI & machine learning.
End of Q3 2024

Operational Development

Implementation of advanced order
types & execution options
End of Q4 2024

Reaserch & Development

Expansion of customer
support & bot services
Utitlities of BITAI coin Launching of AI trading bot app

Project Video


Frequently Asked Questions

For new users, the Bit-AI arbitrage bot levies a $10 one-time administrative fee.

In your back office, submit a withdrawal request. Make sure your Bitcoin Address is current.

Don't worry, Your account will not be directly activated. There is a lot of process behind the account activation. If you have entered the wrong amount while purchasing your package, send an email to [email protected] with a snapshot of your payment, your username, the package you wished to buy, and the TX Hash.

Your Bit-AI wallet's minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

You can check the status of your withdrawal in your back office by going to the relevant Wallet section. Either it will be showing Pending, Approved (along with transaction hash), or Rejected.

Upgrades can only be made by paying the full amount of your existing package or only by purchasing a higher package than the current package.

You can become Binary Qualified when You Have purchased a package of $100 or above not only but also when your sponsor one active member on the left side personally with a $100 or above package and one member on the right side with a $100 or above package.

There is no longer a requirement for an owner of this autonomous AI Bot arbitrage trading platform. It is an autonomous system that is entirely controlled by and for the community.

No, In Order to get Sales Volume From Your power Leg, at least You Should Have a Minimum $100 Package.

No, You cannot receive payment as a FREE member. To qualify for 10% of Binary Commissions from your weak leg, you must personally sponsor one person on the left and one on the right. In addition to Getting 5 % Referral Commissions, You Must Have A Minimum $100 package

After matching with the volume on the weaker leg, your volume on the power leg is carried over to the following day. For example, if you have $100k in volume on your power leg and $20k in volume on your weaker leg in a given day, the volumes will be matched and the remaining $80k in volume on the power leg will be carried over to the next day. As a result, you will be paid $2k (10% of $20k).

You can trade BITAI coins inside our soon-to-be-available member-to-member exchange. Inside the Exchange Tab, you can view the estimated time frame.

The Proof of Ownership Protocol that underpins BITAI Coin assures that you are the rightful owner of a specific amount of BITAI Coins on the blockchain.

No, the Price of BITAI coin will change based on a complex mathematical formula of halving cycle that counts total supply, total demand, coins in circulation, projected demand in the future, and other secret variables which we cannot reveal at this time as it's classified information.

We are unable to provide a precise price because it depends on numerous unpredictable variables outside of our control, but based on our blockchain code and the level of market demand we are generating, we anticipate that block halving will occur roughly every few weeks. On the conservative side, this means that in 12 months, a price increase of 10x to 30x shouldn't be problematic.

We prioritize quality assurance by comprehensive analytics & customisable trading strategies through AI.

Yes, BIT-AI often caters to individuals without extensive trading experience. The AI bot system handles the trading activities on behalf of participants, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of the AI algorithms. However, it is still advisable to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies and trading concepts to make informed decisions.

The reliability of BIT-AI Trading platform depends on several factors, including the quality of the AI algorithms, the accuracy of market data analysis, and the performance of the executed trades. It is essential to evaluate the track record and transparency of the AI system and conduct due diligence before participating.

Some potential benefits of participating in BIT-AI trading platform include:

  • - Access to advanced trading strategies and AI bot technology that may generate consistent profits.
  • - Passive income potential as the AI bot system executes trades on behalf of participants.
  • - Opportunity to diversify investment portfolios by participating in the cryptocurrency market.
  • - Possibility of earning referral commissions by introducing new participants to the platform.

Participation in BIT-AI Trading platform does not guarantee profits. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and subject to various external factors. The AI system's performance and trading activities' success can fluctuate. It is important to understand the risks involved and only invest funds that you can afford to lose.

Buying package is very simple. Just sign up and login in, it will open your dashboard where you will find option of PRODUCT PACKAGE. Click on this option and you’ll find all packages. You can click on buy button there, make payment and you’re good to go.

You can earn total 250% of your investment. After completion of 250%, your package will get expired. To continue to earn, you need to invest again.

A minimum 0.80% daily profit one can earn.

Yes. Daily profit percentage is different according to your package. Suppose you start with Standard package, USD 250 then you’ll earn 1% profit daily. If you start with premium package, which is USD 500, then you daily profit is 1.10%.

We pay from Monday to Friday.

You can earn Total 250%, which is a maximum limit. Whether your daily profit is 0.80% or 1% or 1.80%. When your account reaches 250%, you need to re- new your investment to continue daily income.

Withdrawal charge is 5%, which will be deducted from your withdrawal amount and that Fees Of 5 % Will Be Added Towards Liquidity Of $BITAI coin. Once All Halvings Are Over And coin Starts Trading.

Yes, You can withdraw $20 sign up bonus amount. You need to purchase any package to start with Bit-Ai. You can withdraw this amount along with your daily profit.

Yes it is. You can promote anywhere in the world.

There is a split meter given in dashboard, it starts from 0% and ends at 100%. When it reaches 100%, split will occur and price of BITAI COIN increases.

Bit-Ai generates profit by trading in Top 20 crypto currencies. Our AI trading bot generates profit via arbitrage trading.

Bit-Ai technical team is developing application and it will be announced once we are ready to launch.

You can download PDF from dashboard. There is a box named "BUSINESS PLAN", just click on it and download the PDF as per your language.

Total supply of BITAI coin: 1.64 Billion.

BITAI coin initial price is $0.05.

We've added the idea of Halving rewards, which means that every few weeks the amount of coins you receive for purchasing a package will exactly decrease by 50% as the difficulty levels double, hence doubling the value of the coin!

  • Halving 1: 5 Cents
  • Halving 2: 10 Cents
  • Halving 3: 20 Cents and so on…

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